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Navajo Kachinas
The Navajo tribe individually handcrafts each of these kachina dolls. Each kachina doll is unique as no two are alike in feathers or clothing. Upon purchasing one of these kachina dolls, take a look at the bottom of will find the name of the Navajo artisan responsible for handcrafting your doll!

These kachina dolls are not manufactured in China, but are the genuine article made by Navajo Native Americans, using real feather, fur, etc.

If you are looking for a specific kachina doll and can't seem to find it on our site, please Contact Us and we'll see if we can find it for you!

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5" Buffalo Warrior Kachina Doll
Kachina Doll, 5" Eagle
Our Price: $19.99
5" Eagle Kachina Doll
Kachina Doll, 5" Hemis
Our Price: $19.99
5" Hemis Kachina Doll
5" Kokopelli Kachina Doll
Kachina Doll, 5" Owl
Our Price: $19.99
5" Owl Kachina Doll
Kachina Doll, 5" Sunface
Our Price: $19.99
5" Sunface Kachina Doll
Kachina Doll, 5" Wolf
Our Price: $19.99
5" Wolf Kachina Doll