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Authentic Native American jewelry is truly unique. The turquoise stone is meaningful especially for the Native Americans. Their belief that it can bring blessings to hunters and warriors makes this stone truly special. Upon the purchase of any one of these items, you will receive a certificate of authenticity, showing that Native Americans have carefully handcrafted each one of these pieces. Along with the certificate of authenticity, you will also receive information regarding our 90-day warranty as we do offer a warranty on all of our Native American Handcrafted jewelry items.

Pay close to attention to the pieces created by Effie C. Each one of her pieces has a snake head...or two. There are no other pieces quite like hers. Keep visiting our website as we will be continuing to add more of her pieces so you can acquire them all!

If there is a special piece, or even a special size you are looking for and can't seem to find it on our site, please contact us and we'll see if we can find it for you!

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Native American Earrings, Wire Dangling Onyx Native American Necklace, Dream Catcher Native American Earrings, Feather
Wire Dangling Onyx Earrings
Dream Catcher Necklace
Feather Earrings
Native American Bracelet, Turquiose Wrap Around Native American Earrings, Gaspeite Native American Necklace, Bronze Infused Mosaic Turquoise
Turquoise Wrap Around Bracelet
Gaspeite Earrings
Bronze Infused Mosaic Turquoise Necklace
Native American Earrings, Hummingbird Native American Necklace, Angel Native American Earrings, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
Hummingbird Earrings
Angel Necklace
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Earrings
Native American Necklace, Onyx Cross Native American Necklace, Cross Native American Necklace, Turquoise Cross
Onyx Cross Necklace
Cross Necklace
Turquoise Cross Necklace
Native American Necklace, Rhodocrosite Cross Native American Earrings, Dry Creek Turquoise
Rhodocrosite Cross Necklace
Dry Creek Turquoise Earrings